College Students: Contraception Use, Even Double Dutch, on the Rise

Good News: The findings of a 20 year study on The Sex Lives of College Students shows birth control usage up.


About 5,000 students were surveyed by Dr. Sandra Caron, Professor of Family Relations and Human Sexuality at the University of Maine. 85% of college women are on the pill, up from 75%. Condoms are used 55% of the time, up from 45%. And about 40% of students report going Double Dutch, i.e. using both the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy and condoms against STDs. Great news.

Have a read of the full findings for many insights on the sexual attitudes, behaviors, and influences of college students. Thanks to Dr. Caron for her work over many years to compile this important information!

Think you know what college students think? Test your knowledge with this nifty quiz compiled by HuffPost Labs. How did you do?

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