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too big for condoms? “Take a seat…”

For all the gentlemen who may have used (or are still trying to) the old adage, “I’m too big for condoms,” Swedish singer Zara Larsson has just provided proof they are not. The popular 17-year-old winner of the Swedish version of Britain’s Got Talent shared this post with her some 500,000 fans.


Thank you Ms. Larsson for setting the record straight.

btw We are not the only ones who have taken notice – and support her message. Fans quickly clicked thousands of likes.

And so we begin 2015 with another myth eliminated and best wishes for a healthy and happy year.

Stop Rushing To Put On Your Condoms

StopRushing CONDOMS-via Getty Images

Stop Rushing To Put On Your Condoms.

A worthwhile read and great advice.
What’s the hurry?

with thanks to HuffPost – and Getty Images.