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Abortion Poll: Powerful Answers to the ‘Pro-Choice’ Or ‘Pro-Life’ Labels

A new poll by VOX has again shown the answer is not as easy as it may seem.

VOX AbortionCharts-39percentCircleGraph_0

Vox then conducted 100 interviews to hearth e reasoning; have a look and listen!

thanks to and Vox!


Birth Control Effectiveness Over 10 Years – Typical vs. Perfect

Experts at Princeton University and the Brookings Institute demonstrate with this new data how the human element plays a major role in the effectiveness of different birth control methods. Here as presented by The New York Times in their article: How Likely Is It That Birth Control Could Let You Down? – thank you!

NYT on BirthControlEffectiveness

For popular methods like the condom, it is clearly the users who destroy the effectiveness. Coming out on top again, as usual, the IUD as the best method for reversible protection.

Contraception Concerns: Docs vs. Patients

Knowledge is power, but also an invitation for miscommunication.

key-concerns-about-contraceptives-patients vs doctors

So doctors know what they know about contraception – and know the important pitfalls, namely incorrect usage.

The docs’ concern about proper contraceptive usage is important as failed contraception rates are much higher than their real rates should be, and then user frustration sets in and situations become very complicated.

Yet patients are concerned about other issues. And this gap of knowledge and focus needs closing. Let’s keep talking. It’s okay to talk about it.

Free Pregnancy Testing but no Social Engineering?

Alaska has moved forward with a $400,000 state-funded program to outfit 20 bars across the state with free pregnancy testing. The initiative is designed to combat fetal alcohol syndrome where Alaska ranks highest among the 50 states. While this is an admiral effort of sorts, it is sadly not accompanied by the installation or even moral support of any birth control possibilities like condom machines in the same facilities, including ones that are not free.


Alaska state Sen. Pete Kelly (R) was quoted saying, “Birth control is for people who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly.” He added upon reproach that contraception could also be viewed as responsible, “That’s a level of social engineering that we don’t want to get into.”

Social engineering – could become a catchy term though… Sure does sound better than birth control and contraception, don’t you think?