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Live Tweeting an IUD Insertion

For some women, having an IUD inserted is an easy five-minute, painless routine. For others, it entails perhaps 30 minutes and is accompanied by some discomfort, even pain. Most women wear their IUDs without incidence; some endure months of soreness. The point is, women are not one prototype.

But the IUD is ever-gaining on popularity due to its effectiveness in planning pregnancy and the increasing comfort level of medical professionals advising women about their contraception choices. Married or unmarried, teens and not are drawn to this mind-easing contraceptive. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently named the IUD the most effective method for pregnancy prevention for teenagers. No daily pill to remember. Spontaneity rules.

For many women who have not yet experienced an IUD insertion first-hand, shared experiences provide valuable insights to take away any angst. But not all women have a been-there friend. So in the name of education and transparency, in January 2015 New York reproductive rights activist Alison Turkos shared the process – her personal experience – on Twitter.


“I decided to live-tweet my IUD insertion process because I wanted to reduce the stigma and shrine of secrecy around reproductive and sexual health and the experiences so many people have,” Turkos explained. “Also, I rely on my feminist/reproductive health community for support in so many ways, why not this too?”‘

For many women, the IUD insertion procedure has remained a black box of anxiety. With initiatives like this from Ms. Turkos, hopefully more and more women will feel comfortable with pursuing this excellent option.

Ms. Turkos’ venture was appreciated by many, but criticized also by some. What’s your take?


I Love My IUD, So Why Didn’t My Doctor?

The use of IUDs is spreading, partly through word of mouth and blogs like this one on the internet, and of course through major headway in the product itself. But it’s also related to a noticeable shift in demographics among doctors.

About a generation ago, men dominated the ob-gyn field.  But now, according to the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists fellows, some 80% of ob-gyns under 40 are women! And of these women, about 40% who use contraception choose the IUD. This compare to just 6 percent of the general population of women – though they are hard at work changing that.


We enjoyed this story on the blogspot oxjane so much that we’d like to share it with you here.

too big for condoms? “Take a seat…”

For all the gentlemen who may have used (or are still trying to) the old adage, “I’m too big for condoms,” Swedish singer Zara Larsson has just provided proof they are not. The popular 17-year-old winner of the Swedish version of Britain’s Got Talent shared this post with her some 500,000 fans.


Thank you Ms. Larsson for setting the record straight.

btw We are not the only ones who have taken notice – and support her message. Fans quickly clicked thousands of likes.

And so we begin 2015 with another myth eliminated and best wishes for a healthy and happy year.

Stop Rushing To Put On Your Condoms

StopRushing CONDOMS-via Getty Images

Stop Rushing To Put On Your Condoms.

A worthwhile read and great advice.
What’s the hurry?

with thanks to HuffPost – and Getty Images.

Birth Control Effectiveness Over 10 Years – Typical vs. Perfect

Experts at Princeton University and the Brookings Institute demonstrate with this new data how the human element plays a major role in the effectiveness of different birth control methods. Here as presented by The New York Times in their article: How Likely Is It That Birth Control Could Let You Down? – thank you!

NYT on BirthControlEffectiveness

For popular methods like the condom, it is clearly the users who destroy the effectiveness. Coming out on top again, as usual, the IUD as the best method for reversible protection.

L. Condoms: Discrete 24/7 Delivery in San Francisco & New York City




What to do when you are not prepared?
L. Condoms suggests you mix up another round of your favorite drinks and extend the flirting.


Give them up to an hour to be at your doorstep. They are now underway in San Francisco and New York City delivering specially-made, high-quality protection for city-dwellers and visitors alike. Not even the messenger knows what’s in the bag.

And for every condom you purchase from them, one is donated to a developing country in need.
Great concept. Responsibility in intimacy with a conscience for world betterment.
We wish them well and invite readers to comment on their products and services.

College Students: Contraception Use, Even Double Dutch, on the Rise

Good News: The findings of a 20 year study on The Sex Lives of College Students shows birth control usage up.


About 5,000 students were surveyed by Dr. Sandra Caron, Professor of Family Relations and Human Sexuality at the University of Maine. 85% of college women are on the pill, up from 75%. Condoms are used 55% of the time, up from 45%. And about 40% of students report going Double Dutch, i.e. using both the pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy and condoms against STDs. Great news.

Have a read of the full findings for many insights on the sexual attitudes, behaviors, and influences of college students. Thanks to Dr. Caron for her work over many years to compile this important information!

Think you know what college students think? Test your knowledge with this nifty quiz compiled by HuffPost Labs. How did you do?

Contraception Concerns: Docs vs. Patients

Knowledge is power, but also an invitation for miscommunication.

key-concerns-about-contraceptives-patients vs doctors

So doctors know what they know about contraception – and know the important pitfalls, namely incorrect usage.

The docs’ concern about proper contraceptive usage is important as failed contraception rates are much higher than their real rates should be, and then user frustration sets in and situations become very complicated.

Yet patients are concerned about other issues. And this gap of knowledge and focus needs closing. Let’s keep talking. It’s okay to talk about it.

Birth Control Quiz: Test Your Contraception Knowledge


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Study: more women would choose long-acting birth control if they were educated

birth-control-climate-change cc set out to answer the question: “What Birth Control method do family planning docs use?”

The preferred answer: IUDs and Implants.
The findings of their study are both interesting, but also logical as they are the pros. Highlights include:
1. At a usage rate of 40%, the pros are 7 times more likely than the general population to use IUDs.
2. Only 12% of the pros used birth control pills versus about 21% of women at large.
Read on for more of what the professional family planners say.
What do you say?